Hey guys what’s going on in your area? Hope you are taking all precautions?
Sorry I’ve been quite lately,had a little tech-ish with my phone (only source of blogging) luckily it’s been fixed and I’m back💃💃💃.
This week series would be me reachingout to you guys,spreading little words of comfort and encouragements in this trying times.
This Corona virus just snuck up on us and turned our world upside-down.
Most countries are on lock down, people are dying,panick is in the air. But being scared isn’t going to help.
I know you can’t help it,(neither can i) but we should try.
Cliche as it might sound, we should have faith. This virus won’t be the end of us.
Remember Ebola came and we thought it was the end? But here we are; Corona is just a phase and believe me,we are almost done with  the phase.
See the bright side of things,try making the best out of this isolation period. Everything is going to be okay soon.
 Just do the needful and follow the instructions:

  • Wash your hands as often as possible (for 20 seconds) or sanitize.
  • Clean all door nobs with disinfectants.
  • Wash your cloths and have a bath as soon as you get back home(that’s if you must go out)
  • Have your personal space (avoid crowded areas,hugs, don’t touch your face or mouth)
  • And very important, please stay at home.
  • Take lots of vitamins and boost your immunity and zinc level.
  • If you feel sick,call the hospital and get yourself checked.
  • Please try as much as possible not to spread fake news,and if you know you can’t handle the news and all,please stay away or have someone summarize it for you.

You’ll be fine and everything will go back to normal.
Let’s hear your Corona journey so far in the comment section. Don’t forget to like,share and join the squad.
Love you so much